Explore Gary’s story, work, and passion and discover why his story was what made Young Living the World Leader in Essential Oils.

Gary Young, Explorer

In the pursuit of essential oil knowledge and innovation, Gary’s travels became a saga of incredible adventures. His determination took him to Shabwa, the ancient capital city of Queen Sheba in the “Forbidden Zone” of Yemen; to the unknown tribal land of frereana frankincense in Somalia; to the tops of the Al-Hasik Mountains in Oman; deep into the jungles of the Amazon; to Sri Lanka to find the elusive blue lotus; and to many other previously unexplored places.

Gary Young, Innovator

Gary Young’s life was shaped by a passion for merging ancient knowledge with cutting-edge methods to bring others the gift of pure, authentic products straight from nature. When Gary’s life path brought him to essential oils, he boldly went forward to innovate and unlock the hidden mysteries of this ancient science.

Gary Young, Philanthropist

Gary established the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation with the goal of empowering the underserved to achieve their potential and defy limitations by providing wellness and education opportunities to underserved communities. The greater work and impact of the Foundation began when Gary opened the doors of the rural Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador, and has continued with innovative, impactful ongoing projects and partnerships.

Gary Young, Pioneer

Gary Young was a truth seeker, and he followed the path that would lead him to knowledge; he had to know and see for himself. He spent over 30 years farming aromatic plants, learning distillation and analytical evaluation, and traveling to the far corners of the earth in his study of essential oils. He designed and built eight large distillation facilities around the world, with others in the planning stages.