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July 2013

Have a Wonderful 4th of July!

We are so blessed to live in a free country with the values so many…

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November 2012

Thanksgiving Wishes from Gary and Mary

As we celebrate this holiday of Thanksgiving, Mary and I count your support and love…

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March 2011

Part 20: Finding Pure Essential Oils

To know how to farm, grow, harvest, and distill essential oil certainly gives an assurance…

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February 2011

Part 19: Finding Pure Essential Oils

9. Will the soil composition and location affect the plant that is grown there, thereby…

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Part 18: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Following GC analysis, we run the essential oil through a mass spectrometry instrument (MS) to…

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Part 17: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Other factors can also vary the results of an analysis. If the essential oil sample…

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Part 16: Finding Pure Essential Oils

8. Are all gas chromatograph instruments the same, and will the analysis be the same…

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January 2011

Part 15: Finding Pure Essential Oils

7. Can different distillation practices change the oil quality? Yes! Commercial distilleries push process pressure…

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Gary’s Unwanted “Invader”

By Guest Blogger Mary Young On Saturday, January 15, as I watched Gary coughing so…

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