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October 2019

Romancing the Negative

I see people fail all the time because they do not know what they don’t…

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Five Tips for Developing Grit, as Taught by D. Gary Young

Is grit one indefinable trait or the combination of many? Is it just toughness or…

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Six Tips for Living Your Dream!

Two weeks ago I talked about stopping your “excuse-itis” by writing your goals down and…

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Know Your Roots

In adversity or bounty, we all have our defining moments, those times that commit us…

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Write Down How You Want to Change!

Last week Gary talked about how to cure ourselves of “excuse-itis,” resharing what he said…

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Gary Young: Pioneer and Naturally Sustainable Farming Partner

Gary was a pioneer, not only in the way he began the modern-day essential oils…

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Do You Have Excuse-itis? What do You do About it?

Every one of us has habits. Every one of us has belief systems. But every…

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The Sandstorm

We conclude the series of excerpts from D. Gary Young’s novel The One Gift, the…

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Melissa Essential Oil’s Storied History at Young Living

The essential oil of Melissa—more commonly known as lemon balm—has been used for over 2,000…

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September 2019

Pondering Back to the First Shutran

We continue with a series of excerpts from D. Gary Young’s novel The One Gift,…

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