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January 2016

Gary’s Big Surprise at 2014 Convention!

[Editor’s Note: Gary was presenting his 20th Anniversary PowerPoint before this big surprise!] Of course,…

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September 2015

Prophetic Words from Henri Viaud

After Henri Viaud heard my answer to his question [see last week’s blog], he was…

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Henri Viaud, Master Distiller

In 1986, when I was traveling and trying to learn about essential oils, I kept…

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Meeting Jean-Noël Landel

In 1990 I met lavender grower and distiller Jean-Noël Landel at the Whole Life Expo…

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My First Distiller Prototype 1990

While I traveled in France from 1985 to 1990, I met a lot of people…

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August 2015

Focus on the Dream

I sold my clinic in 1989 and started an essential oils business that would eventually…

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July 2015

From Mexico to Switzerland to France!

That 32-page paper was research by Dr. Jean-Claude Lapraz and Dr. Paul Duraffourd, working in…

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Rosarito Beach Years

In 1982 I opened my clinic in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, and Chula Vista, California. I…

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Life Changes in the 1970s

My life changed on February 2, 1973. I was logging and a big tree came…

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A New Cabin and Cougar Hunting

Then we really upgraded. My dad built a cabin when I was age 4, a…

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