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Build Your Dream - 20th Anniversary

November 2015

Building the Mona Farm

Mona, Utah—how many of you were at the convention in 1996 and were at the…

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October 2015

Young Living Members at St. Maries

This is 2011. Does anyone in this picture recognize themselves? Members distilling! Yes indeed, there’s…

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Expanding the St. Maries Farm

I built my first sprinkler system out of PVC pipe and powered it with a…

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My First Farm in St. Maries, Idaho

In 1992 I bought this little ranch, 160 acres, in St. Maries, Idaho. I plowed…

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Essential Oils and Our Emotions

Next, I met Mr. Philippe Mailhebiau, who is a French chemist. He made the comment…

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My Second Mentor: Marcel Espieu

In 1991 Jean-Noël introduced me to Marcel Espieu, who in the photo is sitting behind…

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September 2015

Prophetic Words from Henri Viaud

After Henri Viaud heard my answer to his question [see last week’s blog], he was…

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Henri Viaud, Master Distiller

In 1986, when I was traveling and trying to learn about essential oils, I kept…

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Meeting Jean-Noël Landel

In 1990 I met lavender grower and distiller Jean-Noël Landel at the Whole Life Expo…

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My First Distiller Prototype 1990

While I traveled in France from 1985 to 1990, I met a lot of people…

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