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June 2012

Let The Gift Transform Your Thoughts

So what does The Gift have in its ability to transform your thoughts? You know,…

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The Gift

Another oil blend that was a gift to me from my sweetheart is called The…

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The Power of Balsam Fir and Spruce

In the physical level, as I mentioned, balsam fir may support DNA repair; it is…

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May 2012

How Do Lemon and Rosemary Help Us?

We also have lemon and rosemary in our Transformation oil blend. Why would I include…

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Clary Sage Supports Hormone Function

Clary sage is also in Transformation. It contains natural phytoestrogens and is a support for…

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The Transforming Power of Balsam Fir & Cardamom

When I conducted research with Dr. Jaime L. Matta in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in…

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Transform Your Skin with Sandalwood

Another oil in Transformation that’s so powerful is sandalwood, which is really beautiful on the…

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April 2012

The Transforming Power of Frankincense

As you are diffusing Transformation, it will stimulate the receptors in the limbic system and…

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Adding Essential Oils to Enzymes

Today I will conclude with the other essential oils I chose for Essentialzyme™ and then…

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March 2012

Enzyme Deficiencies Are a Growing Problem

Could You Be Enzyme Deficient? Enzyme deficiencies are a growing problem. For more information on…

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