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Live Your Dream

July 2016

Gary Dreams of a Laboratory

I dreamed about having my own laboratory. When I went to school and Dr. Casabianca…

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Dream, then Achieve!

I dreamed about having a farm where children could come and touch the soil and…

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June 2016

Giving Back!

I dreamed about having a farm in South America. In 1997 I told my employees…

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We’re here in Salt Lake City at the 2016 Grand Convention with over 23,000 members!…

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Worldwide Travel Dreams

I dreamed about exploring the jungle and finding new plants, and I made eight expeditions…

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Gary Makes His Dreams Come True

I dreamed about being a doctor and helping people, and now I help people all…

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Dreaming from the Depths of Despair

I dreamed of riding my horse again. I dreamed about going back to school and…

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May 2016

Giving Thanks for Dreaming and Choice of Thoughts

Then I started to thank God for the gifts of dreaming and choosing my own…

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The Freedom to Choose Your Thoughts

Here was the great discovery: while dreaming, I discovered that I had not lost my…

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Staggering Losses, Feeling Rejected

In February of 1973, my life took another change. I was hit with a tree…

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