Gary Dreams of a Laboratory

I dreamed about having my own laboratory. When I went to school and Dr. Casabianca started training me 23 years ago, I just kept dreaming: I’ve got to have a laboratory; I’ve got to be able to analyze my oils as I’m distilling them; I’ve got to know what I have. So I went back and took more training.

I went to the Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, and spent 121 class hours studying with Professor Hans Baser to learn to run a GC and a Mass Spec, so I could analyze the oils. Now I have four labs. So just keep dreaming.

Gary operating the GC/MS with Dr. Hervé Casabianca and Chris Packer in the Ecuador laboratory.

For 10 years I dreamed about having a computerized, automated distillery. Tomorrow, all of you will see it in operation down at the farm in Mona, which is the second distillery to be automated. The first was Highland Flats.

This has been an incredible, amazing fulfillment of another 10-year dream of creating the first automated distillation system in the world today. Now we have it in two of our distilleries. Isn’t that exciting? Yes.

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