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Spiritual Healing (2012 Convention Workshop)

September 2012

Molecules in Motion

We are affected by emotions. In 1972 Candace Pert, PhD, discovered what is called the…

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The Power of Scent

Essential oils have electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy has an entire color spectrum.  Electromagnetic energy and…

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August 2012

Are They Problems or Gifts?

When we refer to emotional healing or therapy, in many ways some are from the…

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On the Path to Spiritual Healing

We have identified an element called emotions, which gives us power over ourselves. Because we…

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Aromatics Influence Our Thinking

Let’s start with an oil blend named Sacred Mountain. As you smell the aroma, write…

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Writing: One of the Keys to Gary’s Success

Writing is one of the keys that I attribute to my success, because I write…

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