Attitude Determines Success

In this blog post, Gary Young shares an experience of having perseverance and sticking to your goals even in the midst of obstacles and pain.

Several years ago while visiting distributors in France, I was working out at a local gym lifting weights. As I was spotting someone at 480 pounds on a wide lap pull down, something went wrong. He got off balance and could not hold the weight. The steel bar along with the pulley was going to drive straight into his stomach. I diverted it from landing on top of him, but the sheer force of the weights coming down drove me onto the floor. Luckily he was okay, but I got hurt.

Now before I continue, I want each of you reading this to apply the message of this story to your Young Living distributorship. The message is to persevere: Do not quit with your goals. For when you quit is when you fail.

Now several people rushed to help us, but by then I was feeling a surge of pain on my ankle. I took out the balsam oil I had in my pocket and applied it to my ankle to ease the pain. Even with this injury, I continued my workout for another 15 minutes. Now call me determined, but when I set my mind to doing something, I complete it. Your goals are more important than an injury or a sore toe or a headache or whatever it might be and staying focused and true to your path. It’s called looking at what you desire in life and what your purpose is.

So what does this mean to you?

I want to share a few things about network marketing that I’ve never really heard shared a lot before: Why do some people in network marketing fail? And why are some people in your downline not succeeding?

Let’s look at some of the falsehoods and pitfalls of network marketing first: Many of you have heard that with network marketing there’s no need to have an office space, it doesn’t cost much money to get started, you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping or accounting or payroll or employees. Basically, a lot of people think that in network marketing there is no accountability to anyone else—you’re a free person and can make lots of money very quickly. We’ve all seen this advertising before haven’t we?

Most network marketing opportunities set people up for disappointment right from the start. These opportunities create the mindset that you can go from rags to riches, but yet they don’t treat this opportunity as a business. They don’t see it as a business and so they don’t function and think as a business. These people are setting themselves up for failure!

It’s these self defeating behavior patterns that propagate failure. Failure in network marketing is never and never has been and never will be about money, about people, about product, or about not having enough time. Those four issues have nothing to do with failure. Failure begins with the attitude that people have the moment they sign on the dotted line. Don’t let yourself or anyone in your downline fall victim to this form of self sabotage: Keep a positive attitude and you cannot fail!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

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