Research on Essential Oils, part II

Gary Young highlights the importance of discovering beneficial plant compounds and the role Young Living has in these efforts.

Perhaps you could look this over: We know where we come from; we know how important human life is. And yet we haven’t really taken advantage of all these natural resources that we have available to us. And we never will benefit from all of these opportunities until we realize that we truly are a part of the ecosystem. This means that we need to treat the environment in such a way that all of these opportunities will be preserved. This is one of the greatest goals of professor Rex Cates. As science works with businesses, we have the chance to work with people of all walks of life, to bring about the kinds of lives that we would like to live, and foster the type relationships that we would like to have.

As Professor Cates works all across the world, he is constantly seeking this type of beneficial collaboration. He has been to the tropical forests of Brazil and the islands of Tonga looking for plants that have health-promoting qualities and working with local people to start utilizing these plant compounds. It’s just very marvelous what’s going on! I don’t want to take any credit for that, except just to hope that we all will be in the right position to receive new direction. There are a lot of diseases that we are working on, that we have expertise in, and we’ve decided to work with these while we develop other areas and as we associate with different colleagues.

Is there any question in anyone’s mind that you’re not involved in the greatest company in the world? These things don’t come easy and it doesn’t happen without paying the dues and paying the price that it takes to make it happen. I want you to know that Young Living is a company that has paid the dues and will continue to pay the price to find the answers to the problems that we’re dealing with in this world. That’s who we are and that’s what we will be. And that’s what you’re part of—so be proud of what you’re part of because it is the greatest thing that’s happening on this planet right now!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

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