Work and Plan Your Way to Success

In today’s blog post, Gary Young provides insightful information to help Young Living members become more successful.

How many people join a network marketing opportunity because they have the belief system that they can go from rags to riches in 30 days? How are you going to get your new members to succeed if they have this false belief system already in place? As many of you know, being successful at network marketing takes a lot of energy and time; it’s tireless work, but if you believe in your passion and use it to achieve your goals it will be a blessing to your life.

One of the best ways to help someone make the decision to come to Young Living is to sit down with them and ask, “What is it that you want and why?” Then ask, “Can you use another two or three hundred dollars in your life to offset your bills?” Whether their dream is to go to beauty school, open a bed and breakfast, live on a ranch, or save to on a family vacation, help them visualize and achieve their goals. Qualify the people you’re signing up and understand why they’re signing up.

Here’s an example of what I mean: A few years ago, a wonderful member came and told me, “Gary, I only got involved in Young Living because I wanted my daughter to take piano lessons and there wasn’t enough money. So I thought if I could make a little money in Young Living, I could pay for my daughter’s piano lessons.” There is nothing wrong with Young Living being someone’s second or third purpose if it’s helping them achieve what they love and want.

Now there’s a belief in network marketing to get as many through the door and see who sticks with it and who doesn’t. Is this the right attitude? I say no. We fail in educating and encouraging the people who come into the company from the outset. This unfortunate lack of fellowship only compounds a new member’s chances to fail. Take a moment to reflect now, do you call and welcome your new downline members? Do you provide training or help them visualize what a few hundred dollars a month can do for them? If not, then we set them up for failure.

How about your current team, when is the last time you looked at who is in your downline? Every one of you should have studied it in detail. You should know those people by first name and have their phone numbers memorized. Know your downline, communicate with them, teach them how to be successful—inspire them! It reminds me of the law of attraction: successful people attract successful people. It’s the same all the way through our lives, whether with relationships, habits, careers, etc. Being successful with Young Living means helping others, for when they succeed you can succeed.

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

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