Balsam Fir Experience

We have had so many wonderful letters and e-mails come in regarding distributors’ experiences at the Idaho Balsam Fir Harvest. I wanted to share Mazie Miles’ story and hope you can feel her passion and excitement as much as I did while reading her letter. I can’t wait to see old and new friends at next year’s harvest!

Essentially Yours,

D. Gary Young

How can one describe something that was so profound as my trip to St. Maries farm during the balsam fir harvesting? To be part of Gary Young’s creations is magical unto itself.

Some of my time was spent working long, laborious hours filling up huge tanks with chips, stomping them down, strapping on heavy lids, cleaning up over and over again, and helping to wash Gary’s new semi as well! The work was hard, but it gave me a perspective of all the love and hard work it takes to bring essential oils to the world. Though I was terribly sore for the first day with aches and pains where I never knew I had muscles, I used several different oils and voila, I never after that felt one ounce of muscle soreness for the remainder of the time and used the oils on my shoulders, knees, and lower back. Another testimony to me how wonderful these essential oils are!

The hospitality and care given was filled with love and the home-cooked food was oh so good! At the farm I enjoyed meeting new like-minded people and basking in the energies of knowledge that was so openly shared. Where else could one go to sit side-by-side with Mary and Gary and learn about dreams and accomplishing those dreams which create so much love and life all around the world?

I had the best life-changing moments of my life with two weeks of learning about the oils and being part of harvesting the oils. We are lucky and blessed to have Gary Young as a friend and mentor in our journey to improve our health and the richness of life.

My experience was wonderful!

Thank you Gary and Mary for the experience of a lifetime!

Your Humble Friend,

Mazie Miles

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