Essentialzyme’s Powerful Ingredients

Gary Young at Raindrop seminar

Gary loves to teach about enzymes because they are so vital to good health.

One of the things that you will see in Essentialzyme™ is carrot powder.

Why did I include carrot powder? Because I want the body to recognize the natural form of enzymes. It’s important to know that carrots contain the highest level of natural plant enzymes in the entire plant kingdom.

Remember, enzymes need minerals to perform their functions. Minerals are called “cofactors” because without them, enzymes would just sit around and do nothing. So it is vital that you supply your body with a variety of minerals.

If you look on the Essentialzyme label, you will see two ingredients called alfalfa leaf and sprout powders. Alfalfa is one of the most important ingredients we have included for a full range of essential minerals that harmonize and complement the enzymes in the carrot powder and the other enzymes that we have put with it. These enzymes include pancreatin, pancrelipase, trypsin, bromelain, and papain–all these ingredients are great because they work together.

Another reason why I included carrot and alfalfa is that I want your body to recognize Essentialzyme as a food so that your body does not become dependent on Essentialzyme to do the body’s action but will utilize Essentialzyme as food by breaking it down and putting the excess enzymes into your enzyme storage account to be drawn on it later, if needed.

What can enzymes do? They can clean up plaque and eliminate old fat and proteins left deposited for years. Enzymes enhance circulation and support the immune system by improving and increasing the surface area of the red blood cell, allowing it to transport more oxygen.

In addition, enzymes support weight regulation. Whoever thought of such a thing? For instance, overweight people may be lacking in lipase. In Essentialzymes-4™, you get lipase, and in Essentialzyme, you get pancrelipase (which is a form of pancreatin that has an elevated content of lipase).

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