Beware the Sugar Crash!

It’s hard to believe, but wheat spikes your blood sugar more than ice cream!

It’s hard to believe, but wheat spikes your blood sugar more than ice cream!

Top foods that spike blood sugar are bread, pasta, cereal, potatoes, and rice. Now you’re sitting there looking at all this and saying, “Gary, what are we supposed to eat?” Eat Einkorn spaghetti and pancakes and drink NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro. That’s all you need in life.

Here are foods that spike blood sugar—look at this: ice cream, regular, 57. Wonder™ bread, 73. Whole wheat bread, an average of 71. Isn’t that astounding? Wheat spikes your blood sugar faster than ice cream. Now don’t get the wrong idea here. That doesn’t mean that you trade bread for ice cream, and no ice cream on your Einkorn pancakes in the morning.

A sugar crash or glucose crash. What does that mean? That means you’ve eaten something that has spiked the glucose in your blood; it’s gone off the Richter scale.

The pancreas has to do double time now, injecting the insulin hormone in there to bring that glucose back down. When it does that, it always produces more insulin than what the body needs; but the pancreas says, hey, I can’t determine whether you need 60 percent or 80 percent insulin; I’ll just dump a whole truckload in there so that I can get that blood glucose back down before something happens. That excess insulin that is discharged into your bloodstream causes the body to retain fluids and store fat. Simple as that. Then after the blood sugar starts coming back down because now the insulin is in there and it’s starting to regulate, you have a crash.

So when we’re eating bread, we’re spiking our blood sugar. Then our pancreas has to produce more insulin, maybe 2, 3, 5, or 10 times more insulin to counteract it and bring it back into a normal state.

What happens when you have a sugar crash? You’re sitting at your computer and all of a sudden the lights go out, or you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

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