Gary Learned to Dream In Order to Share!

I would have given everything I had if I could have had someone teach me about dreaming 40 years ago. But perhaps I had to go through what I did and pay the dues to learn these principles, so I could share them.

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With the same focus as when he taught Raindrop Technique for horses, Gary is sharing what he has learned about dreaming with all of you.

If I can do it, anyone in this room can do it a whole lot easier; we can do it together, and that even makes it more fun. I was alone when I started my journey.

I had a lot of loved ones around me saying, “Gary, don’t beat yourself up. Gary, this is ridiculous. Gary, don’t do this. Oh, Gary, you can’t; this isn’t possible.” Sometimes you just have to pack up and move away from everybody, so you can focus on your dream until you can live it and believe it.

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