Pursue Your Dreams with Passion

Close your eyes and see your dreams complete. If you don’t see them complete, they will never happen. It’s just like writing a book: there has to be an ending paragraph and an ending sentence.

Whether formulating blends, welding equipment, or refurbishing an old building for the Young Living office, Gary does it all with passion. He has dreamed every step of the journey.

If you want to manifest your dream, then there’s got to be a completion to it. That does not mean you cannot dream about it the next night and expand on it and add more sections or more volumes, but you need see your dreams complete before they will go into the universe and become fulfilled.

The secret of creative dreaming is to believe in your dream and then see it as a reality. If you cannot see your dream and feel it as a reality, it definitely is not going to happen.

You’re never too young to dream. You’re never too old to dream. Pursue your dreams with passion. Never let someone steal your dreams. If you dreamed it once, then it has value. Pursue it, grow it, and turn it into something magical.

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