Gary Young’s 2017 Convention Keynote Leadership Address

D. Gary Young, Mary Young, Josef and Jacob Young

Are you excited? Are you happy? Well, let’s get up and show it. Come on, let’s be alive! Whoo! This is fabulous!

First on our agenda, are you truly happy? Yes! This convention is a celebration of so much hard work and our successful year!

D. Gary Young

D. Gary Young

Let’s give another round of applause for our special guest speaker, Shawn Achor.

Let’s also give another round of applause to five great people who were up here before Shawn— Ben Riley, our Executive Vice President of Global Sales. The beautiful Lauren Walker, our Executive Vice President of Global Operations [now Chief Supply Officer]. The “entertainer,” Matt French, our General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer [now Chief Legal Officer]. Dr. Mike Buch, our Chief Science Officer. And, of course, Jared Turner, our Chief Operating Officer and host for tonight.

They are the best of the best. I hope you all appreciate where you are and what you have because you have not only the best oils in the world, the best products in the world, you also have the best corporate leaders in the world. Yes!

So with that excitement, how many want to come back next year and do this? All right! For next year’s convention, 2018, our theme is Freedom! And that means so many things—freedom from emotional bondage, freedom from guilt, freedom from fear, freedom from pain, freedom to be alive, and freedom from health problems and limitations, to name a few. We can be everything we want to be.

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