Believe in Yourself!

This is one of the things that I will say: I think social media is fabulous, but I also think in some ways that it’s destructive. For some of us, we’ve stopped building those one-on-one relationships. If you want to keep your business growing, and you want to hold the people close to you, build one-on-one relationships. Then build that trust and they will never leave you.
Now, we’re ready to take action. We’ve got all the ingredients put together. But no matter where you go, no matter what you’ve learned, no matter if you’re a Royal Crown Diamond, be coachable. Always be coachable. Be teachable. Be humble. Always.
Don’t be afraid, just do it and trust yourself. You’ll make mistakes, just like I did. On my first corner, I hit a tree because I didn’t even know how to drive a sled. You will have times that you’re going to hit bumps and think, “Wow, this is horrible. How can I keep doing this when it’s not working for me?” Did I roll the sled over? Of course, I rolled the sled over! I hit a couple more trees. But I didn’t quit.

I broke three ribs while training at my ranch in Utah three days prior to the race in Alaska. But this didn’t stop me. So a little owie, a little hurt, that’s not a reason to quit. If you quit because you feel a little pain, what are you going to do when it really gets painful? Think about it. You might hear yourself say, “I can’t do this.”
When I was out there on the trail like this, and it was cold and dark, I heard Mary’s voice over and over and over, “Honey, you don’t have to do this.”
You keep practicing. If you talk to someone who says, “Well, I’m not interested in Young Living,” it’s okay. That’s not where you stop. You keep practicing. It may not be the right time for that person.
I had a beautiful lady here at convention a couple of days ago tell me that she got introduced to the oils years ago, and she felt kind of bad that she didn’t do anything until three years ago. And I said, “No, don’t feel bad. It’s the right time for you.” Timing is everything. You don’t quit; you don’t give up. Now you’re ready. You must believe in yourself.

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