Dream to Overcome Negativity

Capture an idea and dream about it. Now, this is where you can start taking control of your negative thoughts and emotions. This is where I would go when I would start feeling like giving up, because I had all these doctors telling me it was impossible. We had three doctors in Houston tell Mary and Mark, my pilot, and me that I should have been dead four different times. Well, what do they know about dying? That’s an individual thing.
You want to get out of that mindset. You capture an idea and dream about it. You dream about it until that’s all you see. Then talk about your idea with your family and friends. Maybe it’s about: I want to run a marathon, or I want to be a Gold.
Talk to your family and friends. Why do you talk to your family and friends first? Because you want to get any negativity past you. You want to get all of the “That’s crazy. I’ve never heard anything so foolish. That’s multilevel stuff; why would you want to do that?” You want to get that kind of talk out of the way! Then you can start focusing forward. Study your idea in your mind; rehearse it, look at it, and analyze it. Scrutinize it so you start putting a plan to that idea of how you’re going to do it.

Now, if you’re actively engaging your brain in doing this, you know what your brain is not doing? It’s not telling you to give up. It’s not telling you to feel sorry for yourself. It’s not telling you it’s impossible. It’s not telling you the doctor’s right. You’re focusing your brain on an idea that’s outside yourself that’s bigger than you.

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