Eugenio Tells His Story

32517511342_8549911333_kMARY:  Gary, I think it would be very interesting if Eugenio told them what it was like for him in the beginning and let Nicolas translate.

GARY:  Yes. Can we get another microphone on stage?

NICOLAS:  Eugenio says that he didn’t expect to be here to talk, and now he’s going to tell the story about his life in Young Living.


Eugenio and Nicholas

(Nicolas continues translating for Eugenio): In 2005 around November, I met the Young family. I was working in another place, doing security and also cleaning. When Dr. Gary was with his translator, he asked me, “How long have you been working in that place?” I was new there; I’m from Peru.

The next day Dr. Gary asked me to work helping at the distillery. I didn’t know what a distillery is. My first experience with the distillery was just contact with two little cookers and with a lot of his students from the university. Those cookers were the first experiments in Ecuador.

When I accepted the job, Dr. Gary asked me if I had family. I said, yes, I had two girls in Peru. He proposed that I bring our kids to Ecuador to be with us. I was very excited about that proposal.

We started working in Cuenca, and it is a cold city. My wife said, “Eugenio, I can’t live here; it’s too cold. We have to move to Peru again.” At that time my wife was pregnant with our son, who we named Jakob. After that, Dr. Gary told me we were going to move to Guayaquil, which is a hot city. That place is a comfortable place for my wife.

MARY: Para mi tambien.

NICOLAS: For Mary, too!

[Translating for Eugenio]: So I started working in Cuenca with just a little distillery with a lot of aromatic plants, doing experiments with Dr. Gary and a lot of university students. Today, I am very happy to be with Dr. Gary and Mary.

My son and my daughters have grown up with Dr. Gary and Mary’s sons, and they love each other a lot. Thank you for Dr. Gary’s vision to have that school to give an opportunity to a lot of kids to study and be prepared. Our daughters are learning English, so I am proud of that, too.

Thank you to the Youngs and to you. Thank you very much.

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The Young Living Academy today.


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