Taking Risks

How many here want to change your paradigm? Okay, how many are willing to take a risk? Thank you!
Is the risk worth it? What if I take the risk and it doesn’t work out? Do I risk losing my friends? Do I risk losing my marriage? Do I risk everything financially? Do I risk getting hurt physically or mentally? Could I decide that it is not worth the risk? Yes, you can decide that. And unfortunately, many of us at different times in our life make the decision that it’s not worth the risk, and so we don’t do it. We sit back and become disappointed the very next year when we discover we’re in the same place, doing the same thing, having the same thoughts, regretting our life.
Is driving this dune buggy a risk? Yes, it’s a risk. Is it worth it? Well, at the moment of impact, I’d have to say no. But the reality of it is, yes, in the long term, it was worth it. It cost me $28,000 to put my car back together. But do you know how much Nitro we sold after that?

This photo was after the rollover you just viewed. You’ll notice my flags are gone, and the lights are gone off the roof. But after the car rolled seven times, John Whetten, the cameraman, and a couple of his assistants came running down the mountain to help me roll the car back up on its wheels and fire it up and go again. You don’t quit because you have a little rollover.

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