Young Living’s Beginning

We have experienced a lot of precious and tender moments in the growth and evolution of Young Living. It all started in 1985, when I started making the first oil-infused formulas and the first essential oil blends.

R.C. was the first blend that I made in 1985. What do we use R.C. for today? To take care of all those emotional and respiratory memories of the past that you want to change into good memories and take to a higher level of wellness, purpose, and abundance. All you have to do to achieve that is breathe, breathe, breathe. These are precious and wonderful memories.

Gary taping Donna Riley, Clint Walker, and his wife Gigi singing at the Young Life Wellness Center in Mexico (1988).

Gary taping Donna Riley, Clint Walker, and his wife Gigi singing at the Young Life Wellness Center in Mexico (1988).

I got a little sidetracked because when I saw Donna Riley, a little bit of a lump came up in my throat of gratitude and appreciation. At the time Donna came to my clinic, she was given only two weeks to live, and here she is today. She, in a manner of speaking, was a guinea pig for me to try my new products on, and they worked! Of course she recovered and went on with her new life, so Mary became my new guinea pig, and you can see the products are still working.

That was the beginning, the very foundation for what we call Seed to Seal. What does Seed to Seal mean? It means we take great care in the seeds we plant to the product we send you. Why is Young Living the only company that can use this term and, more importantly, still be prudent, humble, and grateful for what we have? Because no one else in the world has it, and if people wanted to try to develop it, they would have to go back 30 years and start where I started.

I knew what I wanted in 1985, and I knew what it would become. As you heard Donna say, in 1986 I said, “There will be a day when we will fill an arena.” I’m telling you that next year you’re going to come and see the other part of my dream, and that’s when we will fill a stadium. Why? Because we believe in something. We have something that’s real, tangible, and of great substance. It’s not marketing hype. That’s why Young Living has grown and become what it has, and yet we never focused on teaching marketing until about five years ago.

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