Cheering for Me at the Finish Line: My Family!


Going downhill is not always easy, because you don’t want to run over the person in front of you, and you don’t want the one behind you to run over you; so you’ve got to keep your distance.

Here I am coming into the third check station. What a glorious experience and feeling it was. When I was in the second check station, I found out that four other mushers had quit because of the conditions and how harsh and hard it was. And they were seasoned mushers.

Sometimes, a very knowledgeable person might come along and say, “You’re crazy. I’ve done this. I’ve been down this trail before, and it isn’t a good place to go. I’ve had a business in a multilevel company, and I would never do it again.”

Unfortunately, we have a tendency to listen to those things; but never, never, never listen to them! Those people are dream stealers. That’s exactly why I made your oil blend Dream Catcher—to remind us to hold tight to our dreams. You want to be grabbing dreams instead of letting somebody steal your dreams, right?


Here again is my third accomplishment. Wow, I felt like I could conquer the world. You can’t imagine what that feeling did to this old heart that was all busted up. The best part, that I didn’t expect, and the reason I had my hands in the air, cheering, is because my two sons and my sweetheart were waiting at that check station for me. Yes. When my sweetheart knew that I was committed to do this, she didn’t push back anymore. She said, “Honey, if this is what you want to do, then let’s do it”; and she jumped in and gave me the support. It was such a wonderful feeling!

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