Face the Unknown and Just Do It!

Mushing into the unknown. Another thing that I learned. How many of you have felt like you’ve gone into the unknown with Young Living? The difference between your mushing into Young Living and where I was mushing is that there was nobody in front of me, and there was nobody behind me, except for quite a ways back; and there was nobody there I could talk to.

Mitch said to me, “Gary, you know, we have a lot of trouble with moose on the trail when the snow is this deep; they can attack the dog teams.”
We knew there were wolves; and one night when I was mushing, I saw some eyes following me in the trees. It kind of got my blood pumping a little bit!
So here I was coming up on a hill; it was pitch black. As you can see, my headlamp just reached the lead dogs. I didn’t know what was over that hill; I didn’t know how steep the hill was; I didn’t know how crooked that trail would be going down the other side; I didn’t know if there was a grizzly bear on the trail or a pack of wolves or an angry moose waiting on the other side of that hill.
Folks, when you’re building your business in Young Living, you’re going to have several unknown spaces. These are times when people will pull back, and they’ll think something like, “Ah, you know, maybe I need to rethink this. Maybe I’d better watch somebody else do it first.” No, that’s not what you do. Successful people don’t do that. You reach inside of you and feel your heart: can I do this? And when your brain says, “You are plumb nuts!” That’s when you do it, okay? You just do it!

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