It’s a One-Ear Hill! Hang on!


So now it’s back on the trail again. And folks, running through the night had a whole different feeling to it. What I could see, all that I could see, was what was in that headlight; and it was nice if it reached the front dogs.

As we were going along, I learned a little secret: when the dogs would come to a hill and the ears of the first dog would disappear just like that, I called that a one-ear hill. When two dogs’ ears were showing before they disappeared, that was a two-ear hill. If three dogs’ ears were showing before they disappeared, that was a three-ear hill. I learned very quickly that when I came to a one-ear hill, I got on that brake and hung on for life!

2017_Convention_Gary_Friday.056You might as well just close your eyes because it isn’t going to matter. You’re going to either wind up upside down, wrapped around a tree, or crashed at the bottom of the hill. When those dogs went over that hill, they’d look back at me, stick their tongues out, and laugh: “Hang on, dude, we’re going for a ride!” And we sure did!

This is pulling into the next check station. Did I get tired? Oh, yes! And when you’re building a business, there may be times that you’ll get tired too, and you’ll want to rest. No, I had not slept well; why do you ask?

Well, the next morning, I was getting my dogs up, getting ready to go. And just as quickly as I got to my sled and got the things out to give my dogs their breakfast and get them off the stake line into the gang line, a storm moved in and it started to snow. Before I could get everything ready and get my gear on to run, we had four inches of snow on the ground. And it was chilly. A lot of reasons to quit.


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