EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Gary Young’s passing, we have been taking stock of the tremendous contributions he made to the world by revisiting his presentations such as this fascinating twenty-part blog post series that recounts Gary’s ongoing discoveries about pure essential oils, their properties, and their production. Here’s Part XI.

Gary learns about frankincense from Musallam, one of the last remaining caravanners in Salalah, Oman.

Today throughout the world, natural and nature identical do not mean the same thing. Nature identical means that single or compound chemicals that are found in nature have been duplicated synthetically.

Essential oils can be made synthetically in their entirety, or individual compounds can be made synthetically, added to the essential oil, and then labeled nature identical. However, most people don’t understand that, so when they read nature identical, they think they are getting the same substance or material that God created in nature. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that in reality, they are getting a synthetic product manufactured in a laboratory.

It’s easy for me to tell that some competitors have never traveled outside the United States or conducted any research anywhere. It is obvious to see that they are more concerned with marketing hype than they are with the truth. I am proud of the purity and efficacy of Young Living’s essential oils and have traveled the world extensively to go directly to the source to monitor production and guarantee the quality, rather than accepting the word of a broker.

To be continued . . .

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