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November 2019

Good Essential Oils Come From Good Seeds

Why is Young Living the No. 1 choice for essential oils in the world? It’s…

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Adulteration in Essential Oils: What to Watch Out For

Why is Young Living the number-one choice for essential oils in the world? It’s because…

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June 2014

Worldwide Expertise!

Young Living Essential Oils has seven farms and many partners in wildcrafting and distilling worldwide….

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Essential Oils Produced on YLEO Global Farms

Guayaquil, Ecuador, Farm: Amazonian Ylang Ylang, Dorado Azul, Blue Eucalyptus, Ruta, Lemongrass, Ocotea, Vetiver, Rosemary,…

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Discovering New Essential Oil Sources

I’ve made eight expeditions into the Amazon jungle in Ecuador alone looking for plants, and…

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May 2014

Gary Goes Where It Grows!

It has been said that Gary goes where it grows, where no other person would…

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The Importance of Testing

Here are some examples of essential oils and common adulterating agents: peppermint (cornmint, ethyl vanillin),…

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Worldwide Essential Oil Expertise! Part II

Next, you must factor in the elevation. Washington is north of the 45th parallel at…

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Worldwide Essential Oil Expertise!

What is the condition of the soil? Can you grow lavender in soil that’s 5.5…

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Requests for a GC-MS Analysis

GC’s. The other day a lady posted me on my Facebook and said, “Well, this other…

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