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February 2014

Ylang Ylang Trees in Ecuador

Land in Ecuador was cleared and prepared, and many of you came and planted ylang…

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January 2014

Largest True Lavender Grower in the World!

First, I want to share with you all that last January, four people came together…

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The Beauty of True Lavender

In the first photo you see Jean-Noel Landel, my partner in France, who took our…

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High Altitude Peppermint

We have two 60-acre peppermint fields in Mona, Utah. At this farm, there is another…

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Worldwide Farming for Young Living

Getting back to our Farm Blog, you know we have a lot of people who…

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December 2013

What Experience Teaches About Distillation

We constantly test our plants to determine when they have the highest level of oil…

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Distilling Essential Oils: The Role of Brix

To determine the perfect time to harvest the crops, we do the following: watch the sugar…

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Learning How to Do What No One Else Does

I wish you could see that in the back of last week’s research nursery photo,…

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November 2013

Counting Our Blessings

In America today, families are gathering to enjoy a turkey dinner with all the trimmings….

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Weather Stations & Experimental Nurseries

This is our weather station. We have the weather station on our farm in Ecuador…

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