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October 2019

Romancing the Negative

I see people fail all the time because they do not know what they don’t…

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Six Tips for Living Your Dream!

Two weeks ago I talked about stopping your “excuse-itis” by writing your goals down and…

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Write Down How You Want to Change!

Last week Gary talked about how to cure ourselves of “excuse-itis,” resharing what he said…

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Do You Have Excuse-itis? What do You do About it?

Every one of us has habits. Every one of us has belief systems. But every…

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May 2013

Live in the “Now”

I want to share some quotes with you that have been helpful to me. “He…

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Know Your Limitations and Overcome Them

When you’ve been raised a certain way—you know it can be a limitation. When you…

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Learn to Show Gratitude

The single most important ingredient in the formula for success is knowing how to get…

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Romance the Positive

We are all attached to what we don’t want, because it’s a negative. What you…

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April 2013

The Writing Road to Success

Every single person reading this who wants to be successful needs to write a minimum…

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Line Up Your Sights

How many of you have gotten on an airplane and have taken our oils out…

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