Research on Essential Oils, part III

Gary Young thanks BYU Professor Cates and concludes that Young Living is bringing essential information about natural healing to the world.

I am extremely thankful for the great man Professor Cates is. He is stepping out and beyond the normal realm, looking at some of these things that we deal with today and enhancing the possibilities that are available to us. We’ve got a lot of work to do, a long ways to go. But I feel very hopeful. All it takes is just one person to catch the vision and to see the realness of what we’re doing to open the doors that come along. It is exciting because now I see that next step of my dream coming to reality. I will be forever grateful to Professor Cates for his willingness to incorporate Young Living into his research program so we can bring this information to the world!

Because we have seen many wonderful things, are experimenting in the field, and are involved in trial and error with oils, we are well on our way to making major breakthroughs. Professor Cates feels very much the way I do: that single oils have so much value. But my belief has always been that it is in compounding the oils that we’re going to find the hidden secrets that I refer to as the “missing link” in modern medicine. We have experienced this already with a couple of people by combining frankincense and ledum. Now it’s going back and identifying what is happening with these compounds when they come together. It creates that action and makes something happen. And we may never find, because of the hundreds of compounds, the exact science, but I believe that we will get close enough that we will be able to say this is it.

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

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