The Benefits of CortiStop Women’s

Today, Gary Young shares about CortiStop® Women’s, a product developed to counteract the effects of cortisol and help restore balance in our lives.

CortiStop Women'sThe study of longevity has been one of my interests and hobbies for more than 20 years. Why is it that we are a nation that is dying young with diseases? And can we change it?

As we look at the cause of aging, we can look at cortisol and how it increases with age. When we are infants, our cortisol levels are very low and our human growth hormone (HGH) is very high, naturally. So our body is in a state of growth. The cortisol is there to keep growth in check. When we are at 18 to 20, the growth hormone starts to level out and cortisol starts to balance. But you can see at 20, the cortisol levels normally start increasing.

Now, as I observed native peoples and conducted my studies, what was most interesting was to see that their cortisol levels were much lower than the people in America’s cortisol levels—and the native people naturally had long life because of it. So when you look at that and then go back and look at lifestyle and diet, it all starts to fit together and we start to see the magic bullet: the cause of aging. And so through this we have brought to you what I believe is going to revolutionize the standard and quality of health in the world today—CortiStop.

Here’s our formula for CortiStop Women’s: pregnenolone, phosphatidylserine compounds and phosphatidylcholine compounds, black cohosh, DHEA, and conyza, clary sage, fennel, frankincense, and peppermint essential oils to support estrogen levels in women and reduce cortisol. This formula is designed to help your body maintain its natural balance and harmony.

Now, when you put this together with your NingXia Red® there is going to be no stopping you! You’ll be a freer thinker; you’ll be more energized. You’ll be more excited about life and you’ll start working towards the potential of the future!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

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