Ambassadors for Peace!

Once again, Gary has taken a concept from his novel, “The One Gift,” of a caravan to Jerusalem and made it a reality. Not only will this 2014 caravan take the precious Arabian frankincense and myrrh to the Holy City, but it will carry with it true Ambassadors for Peace.

My goal is to bring the Prime Minister of Israel and the King of Jordan together in an agreement to allow the caravan to cross the border. That’s something that’s never been done in history, except in ancient times.

We’re going to recreate the ancient caravan of the Queen of Sheba that traveled in 980 BC that I wrote about in The One Gift. We’re going to carry over 2 tons of frankincense, 2 tons of myrrh, and as much balsam as we can acquire before the trek. I’m designing a burner that we will set on top of six camels and that will burn 24/7 from the entire time the caravan leaves Petra until the peace walk and celebration are over in Jerusalem. We will burn enough frankincense in Jerusalem that it will look like a whiteout. They will think that winter just moved in again.

We are going to stimulate the feeling of peace and the desire to learn and open our minds to realize that there’s more to life and that it’s time to stop the destruction and violence that’s been going on since the creation of time.

We are living in the time of transformation. It’s time for us to step up to the plate, take ownership of that, and each one of us become a steward, an ambassador of peace to provide a greater life for our children.  Many of you here tonight are old enough that you might get out of this life without being a victim of violence, but will our children or grandchildren? Unless we make a change, who’s going to?

So I welcome you to join with me for this great cause. The World Peace Caravan website has details for participation:

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