Quality in Every Step of Essential Oil Production

river and mountains

Gary loves this photo that  illustrates the idea of God’s creation with man’s management. Both are needed to create an essential oil!

Why is Young Living the No. 1 choice for essential oils in the world? It’s because here you will find the true, highest quality essential oils beyond the label and marketing hype of other companies.

Where do quality and purity start? Do they start with the broker? With the vendor? With the marketing? With the sales people? With the lab and chemists? What determines a genuine, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil?

Step No. 1: It starts with photosynthesis. That’s very simple. It’s the electromagnetic energy from the sun that combines within the plant, simulating the chlorophyll to produce carbon dioxide, combined with the sugars.

Poor farming practices produce low-quality oil. Proper cultivation, nutrients, crop rotation, and soil building are required by the plant in order to produce an essential oil that harmonizes with the body chemistry, creating spiritual awareness and emotional stability.

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