What You Must Know!

NOTE: Gary gave this presentation at the 2013 International Grand Convention.

Gary Young speaking at the 2013 Grand Convention

Gary warns that adulteration in the essential oil world is rampant. His presentation will be featured in this new series of blog posts and will show you the steps he has taken to ensure that the Young Living essential oils that you purchase are genuine and pure.

I created this presentation to give you in‑depth knowledge about essential oil production, so you realize that it’s not just about picking up the phone, calling a mail‑order catalog, ordering an oil, and believing that whatever it says on the label is correct—because we know for an absolute fact that it often isn’t!

Adulteration in the essential oil, aromatherapy industry is probably the biggest and largest adulteration in the world in any industry. And why do I say that? Because there is no regulation for it at this time. One of the reasons that the AIRASE foundation was created is to establish certification and regulation that can be accepted by the government. Three years ago I was told that if someone didn’t do this who had authority and knowledge of essential oils, the government would wind up putting sanctions and regulations on them.

I was also told by these people who were from a regulatory organization, “Dr. Young, you’re the foremost authority in the world, and everyone recognizes you as such. If anyone creates a certification, it should be created by your standards. And if it’s not, we will be forced to do it.”

If you call them and ask them if they said that, absolutely they would say, “No, we know nothing about that conversation.” Of course not. But it illustrates the seriousness of the problem.

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