Work Forward Not Backward

Gary Young

Gary explains why we need to live out new paradigms as we move forward rather than continue living out the old paradigms of the past.

How many of you spend a lot of time balancing your checkbook? I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I’m just being honest. I’ve never balanced a checkbook in my life. You know, I figure if the bank is going to give me a box of checks, then there’s got to be enough money in there to cover those checks. What an irresponsible bank to give you checks if there’s not enough money in there to cover them!

Kidding aside, I won’t spend time balancing a checkbook. Why not? Because I know mentally what I’ve spent. Also, I have worked to make sure there is three or four times more money in my bank account at all times than what I’m going to spend, so I’m not going to waste my time doing something that is extremely negative.

We spend much more time working backwards than working forwards. After you balance your checkbook, while you’ve got it out, you think, “Oh my goodness, my check I just wrote this morning is going to bounce.”  Or, “holy cow, I don’t have enough money left to go buy groceries.” Or whatever, but it puts you in a negative space, true or false? And how many of you have lived that way in your life? Most everybody has from time to time, if not for their entire life.

So my point is, do you really want to change the paradigm? And folks, the old paradigm is not worth 20 cents in your pocket. How many of you really want to change? How many really want to shift?

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