A Leader Shift

GARY: Today we’re in the early stages of another trend, a shift I call a “leader shift.” We’re just now starting into this transition that started about five years ago. How many here can remember when I talked about it four years ago? A few of you, yes. So now it’s here and we’re here. What does leader shift mean?

I’d like to see a raise of hands, and please, know that you are safe to raise your hands. You’re our Young Living family—our family—and you’re safe to talk. How many of you feel like you’re stuck? Yes, look, honey.

Attendees at Awards Night, 2016 Convention, honoring their leaders.

GARY: And you need help! You want help!

MARY: Gary, what does that say about the leadership we have in Young Living—all our Diamonds, our Platinums, people who have risen so well in the ranks? People want their help. They have some work to do.

GARY: A lot of work to do.

MARY: These leaders need to get acquainted with people in their organization and see how they can help. Do you hear me? Do you know how many people in Young Living don’t know who their upline is? We want to change that. The minute you sponsor one person, you become a leader; and you need to be willing to take on that responsibility.

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