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Live Your Passion (2016 Convention Business Building Presentation)

August 2017

Manifest Your Dream!

GARY: I’m going to ask one last important question: how many of you are here…

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Taking Risks

GARY: I crashed my plane 5 years ago. The FAA inspector who came the next…

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Gary’s Example to You

GARY: People say, “Fear keeps me from being successful.” No, it is not fear: false…

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What Do I Need to Do?

GARY: Ask yourself, “What stops me from building a business?” This is the most important…

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No One Else Has Lived Gary’s Story

GARY: There is another reason no one can compete with Young Living, and that is…

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July 2017

Correct Leadership Example

GARY: One more thing: set the correct leadership example. I’ve been in this industry for…

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Average People Can Make Better-Than-Average Incomes!

MARY: There’s another facet to studying, Gary, and that’s helping people to understand that the…

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You Need to Have Passion!

GARY: All you have to do is have passion and a deep, burning desire inside….

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Just Open Your Mouth!

GARY: My point on communication is that all you have to do is open your…

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June 2017

Share the Oils with Understanding

GARY: When you’re building your business, it’s like birthing a child. How many of you…

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