Embrace Your Power

GARY: When I decided to build Fort Nelson, I didn’t care how many people told me how cold it was. I didn’t care how many people had other opinions and ideas. I did my research, I made my decision, and I never looked back from the day I started.

There will always be dream stealers around you, but are you going to let them steal your dream? Thank you! You agree. You’re going to build your dream, and no one is going to stop you.

Scott and Brenda Schuler

Scott and Brenda Schuler

I remember a couple that was right here on stage today. I love them to pieces and wouldn’t ever, ever mention the names of Brenda and Scott. I know their story and I know how Brenda started out, and I know how Scott kind of thought, “This is snake oil; thisis weird.” Scott is a chiropractor and he had a good practice. It took a few years for him to come around, but he grabbed onto it because Scott also is a truth seeker. Now look at where they are. It’s so beautiful to see.

Let me give you something else to think about. You women have power in you, because you were given something special that the guys weren’t given by the Creator, and you need to understand what that is. You were given the power of co-creation; and when you’re given the power of cocreation, you’re given the ability to be in touch with the spirit 24/7, and many of you will get information before we hardheaded guys will.

Embrace it and be proud of it. That doesn’t mean we men can’t be guided; it means that sometimes men are a little slower on the draw because we’re busy trying to figure out how to put food on the table. But those of you who are in tune with the Spirit will grab it and run with it, and that’s what you feel. It will change your life—and that’s good.


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