Gary’s Example to You

Don’t let a little pain stop you when you want to succeed.

Don’t let a little pain stop you when you want to succeed.

GARY: People say, “Fear keeps me from being successful.” No, it is not fear: false evidence appearing real. People have used the old fear word for their escape forever. It is not the fear of being successful that is keeping you from building your business; it’s the risk. Why are you afraid to take the risk? Are you afraid somebody will criticize you? Are you afraid you don’t know enough? You often take risks, even when you play a game.

I think most of you have seen me holding my hand and being a wuss the last few days. I tore my hand Tuesday morning jousting in practice, but I haven’t quit. I put a brace on, I ace wrapped and taped it, and I jousted again yesterday. Yes, it hurt, but it felt good when I knocked the other guy off the horse. It’s the only sport where you can hit another man with a big stick and get paid to do it.

Don’t let a little pain stop you when you want success. Block your mind to it and keep blocking it. I didn’t have to get in that arena Wednesday morning or yesterday afternoon, and I don’t have to do it today. I simply don’t have to do it.

Mary said to me, “Honey, I wish you wouldn’t.”

And I said, “I have to.”

She said, “No, you don’t have to,” and she was absolutely right. I didn’t have to, but I did have to. Here’s the reason why I chose to keep jousting. I did it to be an example to you. I won’t stop because it hurts a little bit.

I will always do and I will always stand in front. I work every day to be an example to you, and I’ll never ask you to do something I won’t do.

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