Paint the Full Picture

GARY: The next thing is to start building a structure on which to build your Young Living business. You’ve dug down below the frost level and eradicated all of the dream stealers around you. Maybe you had to choose new friends because your old friends wouldn’t support you, or they didn’t approve. Some people won’t approve of anything that’s different: they are afraid it might challenge their comfort zone, or they’ll lose power over you as their friend. So don’t go there. A true friend is somebody who empowers you and lifts you, even if he or she doesn’t have the same opinion.

Seeing a piece of your vision is all you need to start building your structure.

Seeing a piece of your vision is all you need to start building your structure.

It’s the same with your spouse. Mary doesn’t always agree with me and some of my decisions, because she doesn’t always see the full picture. But after I paint the picture, then she always supports me. Sometimes, for those of us who are that way, we need to take just a minute, slow down, and help our loved ones see the picture a little more clearly. That helps us lay the foundation to build greater and better things.

What kind of a structure are you building? Look at your commitment from the very beginning. Are you truly committed to your path, or are you just dabbling in it?

Those who do not commit are people who have not bought into the vision. Those who do not commit 100 percent are those who are insecure with their own decision. That happens because the decision wasn’t between you and your Creator. There wasn’t a connection there; there was a disconnect or disharmony, and your mind is talking back and forth to you in your head. “Oh, is this a good idea? I don’t know, maybe so. Well, let me think about it, I’ll talk about it, yadda, yadda, yadda,” and you give yourself a headache and wear yourself out.

If you want to be successful, grab it and go for it. Mary has often said, “Gary, it’s easy for you because when you see something, you see the whole picture.” That’s not 100 percent true. I don’t always see the whole picture. However, I see enough of the picture that I know that the rest will fill itself in as I go down the path. But, I’m not going to wait until the whole mural is painted before I start because it might take several years before that mural gets finished.

So start now. If you can see a piece of the vision, that’s all you need to start building your structure.

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