Share the Oils with Understanding

GARY: When you’re building your business, it’s like birthing a child. How many of you know how many hours it takes from the time a child is born until it takes its first step? How many hours are there of trying and trying and pulling itself up and falling down? How many hours does it take a child before it takes its first step, average? It’s about 10,000 hours to that first step.

A lot of people are children in the dynamics of their brain in accepting new concepts. So sometimes we have to hold onto them, help them take a step, and keep them from falling. If we receive the gift of the oils, it’s our responsibility to share them in humility and understanding so that our families and friends can embrace them. There will be those who will not, and that’s okay. But we need to be the first to show them the vision, teach them, and give them the time they need. Don’t get upset, but be kind and thoughtful in all situations.

How do we build the right business structure? Communication is number one, and that’s just what I was talking about; communicate with your family, communicate with your friends. This is not something that is hard to sell.

Young Living Brand Ambassadors take a tour of the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah.

Young Living Brand Ambassadors take a tour of the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah.

When I get on an airplane, I try to isolate myself now because if I say one word, I don’t get any work done. Whether it’s a trip from here to Nepal or Japan or Australia, I use the plane time as writing time and creativity. I have created so many blends in the air because when I get above that layer of pollution in a plane at 40,000 feet, I go from the AM station to the FM station, and the communication with my Creator is just better! So I use that time to communicate and create, and you can, too.

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