You Need to Have Passion!

GARY: All you have to do is have passion and a deep, burning desire inside.

When I was sitting in the wheelchair, after trying to commit suicide the third time, and I finally decided that I wanted to live, I had to find a deep, burning desire inside to live. Sometimes things happen that cause us to have to look inside to find that deep, burning desire. That deep, burning desire starts as just one tiny flame; and after 26 months in the wheelchair, my toe moved against the blanket, kindling a deep, burning fire. Yes, it took 13 years for me to learn to walk again, but I never stopped for even one minute. If you want to be successful, don’t stop for even one minute.

Study the Compensation Plan and learn your business.

Study the Compensation Plan and learn your business.

It’s important that people know you care about them. When people know you care, you don’t have to sell them anything. Always hold the principles that God has given to us close to your heart, and always live to be an example to those around you and to the world in which you live. That’s what Young Living is all about.

Know your business. Take time to study it. If you’re going to invest in a Napa Auto Parts franchise, would you just walk into their office and say, “I want to buy a franchise” and write out a check? Nobody would do that. You would sit down with the chief accountant and study their books. Then you’d sit down with a branch manager and study the entire operation. You’d spend at least a year studying that franchise before you ever invested.

Young Living is not complicated; Young Living is simple. Mary, how long would it take them to learn the compensation plan?

MARY: Five to ten minutes to become familiar with it.

GARY: Then you need to spend some time every day studying it; and if you don’t understand it, get with somebody who does and have them teach you. Study the comp plan and learn your business, so you can articulate it. It’s simple—know your business!

Study the Compensation Plan and learn your business.

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