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July 2010

The Many Benefits of Lavender

Utah’s I-15 freeway runs parallel to the Young Living lavender fields. So many people simply…

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The One Gift

I am so pleased at how well my book, The One Gift, was received. I…

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June 2010

Boswellia sacra

I hope my readers can understand the joy that filled my heart at convention as…

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Thank You from Everyone at Young Living

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who came to 2010…

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May 2010

Gary Young Wants to Hear From You!

As Gary gets ready to share his Frankincense Trail adventures at International Grand Convention in…

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January 2010

Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture: Onycha, Spikenard & Rose of Sharon

Less in known about onycha, spikenard, and rose of Sharon, but today, Gary Young imparts…

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September 2009

Attitude Determines Success

In this blog post, Gary Young shares an experience of having perseverance and sticking to…

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June 2009

A Message From Ecuador

On a recent trip I took into the jungle in Ecuador, I was shown a…

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