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June 2017

Don’t Go Farther Than Your Commission Check

GARY: This is one of the things I taught years ago when I was building…

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Build at Home First

GARY: Are you creating a business that will span the globe and last forever? How…

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Paint the Full Picture

GARY: The next thing is to start building a structure on which to build your…

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Embrace Your Power

GARY: When I decided to build Fort Nelson, I didn’t care how many people told…

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May 2017

Be a Truth Seeker

GARY: When you embrace something, second thoughts may arise; and this is what causes failure….

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The Person You Really Need is YOU!

GARY: It’s also really, really important to understand this: you don’t need anyone else in…

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A Leader Shift

GARY: Today we’re in the early stages of another trend, a shift I call a…

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Learning from the Great Ones

GARY: So during the 1980s and 1990s, society transitioned from managers to leaders, influenced by…

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April 2017

The Best of Business Building

GARY: Some of the old business-building techniques were valuable! This is why it’s so important…

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We Have Something to Believe In!

GARY: I don’t care what other companies say, because I know this business better than…

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