Part 2: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Gary talking to clients at his Mexico Clinic

Annemarie had come to my clinic with her sister, who was diagnosed with cancer. After I reviewed her sister’s medical records and performed an initial examination, we sat down to discuss her sister’s options. Just before the close of the conversation and much to my surprise, Annemarie asked me what I knew about essential oils. I responded, “You must mean aromatherapy oils, and if so, I don’t think much of them.” I explained to her my experiments of the previous years and that I had found the oils to have no real benefit.

She seemed a little offended as she asked me another question, “Do you believe all herbs sold on the market are of equal value?”

The answer was obvious, “Of course not.”

She proceeded to explain to me that the same is true of essential oils. I told her that over the past few years, I had yet to see an essential oil of any real value. I didn’t realize that I had only been exposed to perfume oils and synthetic oils and had not come across any real essential oils that would provoke a positive change in the human body.

Reaching into her briefcase, she pulled out a manila envelope, handed it to me, and told me that it had some research on essential oils that she had translated, if I was interested.  She went on to explain that this detailed information was about research that had been conducted on essential oils and respiratory infection at a research center in Paris, France. Annemarie finished by telling me that her telephone number was on the last page and that if I had questions or wanted more information, I was welcome to call her at any time.

To be continued . . .

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