The Lavender Supply

boys playing in lavender field

Finding joy in the Young Living lavender fields in Mona, Utah.

In the years ahead, who will produce true Lavandula angustifolia oil—true lavender oil? The future is only secure with Young Living, the World Leader in Essential Oils. Why? Because I have paid the price and built a foundation by developing the farms first while others have built their foundation on marketing and hype. I moved forward in spite of the criticism that I was wasting my time and money in building the farms and the greenhouses to grow the starts to secure a solid future for Young Living.

Every year we have expanded our fields in Utah, and we are currently replanting in Idaho, constantly preparing for the future. As a drop of oil falls from the bottles, few people think of what it takes to get the oil into that bottle. It takes thousands of plants with a maturity of three years before they can be harvested and distilled to extract the oil.

Keep in mind that used car salesmen sell cars day after day because there are buyers who want cars day after day. No, it’s not exactly the same, but lavender oil is wanted daily around the world; and for the uneducated and trusting, if the label says “lavender oil, therapeutic grade,” who is going to question it?

Do Young Living members have a concern? Yes, of course they do. However, according to the current sales of lavender, Young Living has about a two-year supply of lavender in inventory, even considering our accelerating rate of growth. As long as we do not have a crop failure, we can maintain and stay ahead of the demand. With proper crop rotation, field expansion, and good farm management, Young Living will be the only company with true Lavandula angustifolia.

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