Getting Prepared

Gary Young in Ecuador

Gary is exploring new sources of aromatic plants in Ecuador and Peru.

I have talked about the possible loss of lavender for the last seven years as I have watched the signs of this on-coming crisis. I have wished that I would be wrong or that something would change this growing problem, but it has only snowballed into a downhill disaster.

We will continue to see more oil crops fail for various reasons. For example, today the world is without rosewood oil because Brazil, the main world source, has ceased to produce and export it. I will soon have a report on Young Living’s plans for this oil.

For the last several years, we have become concerned that sandalwood from Indonesia and India will become nonexistent and are concerned that at any time the world could be cut off from its supply.

Many other oils could also come to a production end for many reasons. Each year more and more farmers are selling their farms or just going out of business. The children from many generations of oil producers are turning away from family traditions and entering the world of business and technology. As the pure oil supply decreases, the number of synthetic and adulterated oils will increase.

Young Living is constantly in a state of preparation as we expand our fields and increase our own production. I am traveling and exploring as I look for the opportunity to buy more farmland and contract with farmers who can grow for us. The discoveries are immense, and with continued planning and preparation, we will be able to meet the demand of our growing company.

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