Your Body Cannot Create Hormones Without Enzymes

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Hormones keep us young and energetic. But remember, your body must have enzymes in order to create hormones.

Enzymes are natural chemical compounds that orchestrate other chemical functions. Foods are made of chemical elements that require enzymes to break them down and prepare them to be used by the body. Enzymes unlock these life-supporting nutrients in our food. Without enzymes, life would cease to exist.

Enzymes play a major role in every metabolic process in the body, from glandular function and support to hormone production and toxic waste disposal. They facilitate digestion and assimilation. Enzymes are in all raw food products; carrots are especially very high in natural enzymes.

Enzymes need minerals and vitamins to function, and they free minerals, vitamins, proteins, and hormones to be used in metabolic functions.

This is so critical. How many of you women have hormone deficiencies and know it?  Hundreds. How many of you suspect you do? And you are right. Why? Your body cannot create hormones without enzymes. Hormones are made in a series of steps, and each step requires enzymes. Why are we hormone deficient? Not enough enzymes. Can we change life? Can we maintain longevity? Absolutely.

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