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July 2011

When Should We Harvest Ylang Ylang?

Only if you grow, plant, harvest, and understand what is supposed to be in a…

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June 2011

Young Living’s Mission

To grow, harvest, and distill is a lot of work and a huge expense. Our…

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Getting Prepared

I have talked about the possible loss of lavender for the last seven years as…

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European Brokers Contact Gary Young

Perfume companies are already on the alert and are sending their buyers around the world…

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The Lavender Supply

In the years ahead, who will produce true Lavandula angustifolia oil—true lavender oil? The future…

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The Lavender of Tomorrow

What is the future of lavender? What is going to happen? Are there places where…

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May 2011

The Lavender Deception (Continued)

One of the chemical compounds in lavandin is camphene, which is known for its antiseptic,…

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The Lavender Deception

From 1985 until 1994, 40 percent of the distilleries in France went out of business….

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When Will French Lavender Return?

While visiting with Benoit Cassan, the former president of CRIEPPAM (the technical research center for…

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April 2011

Drought Decimates French Lavender Fields

My most recent visit to Provence, France, in November of 2010 was shocking and very…

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